Shopaholic … fighting the urge to buy, buy, buy

First Posted: 8/11/2009

Sometimes its not easy to say no to something, especially when its a cute outfit, or cute shoes, or cute … well you get the point.
Im a self-proclaimed shopaholic. I get money, and I just cant seem to save it more than a few days, a few weeks at the most.
So Im getting a little worried. With my last car payment due in just a month, what am I going to do with that extra money each month?
I need to be saving it, for future emergency expenses, for future needs, for future vacations, to give some to nonprofits who can use it for those who need it more than I do.
But I have a slight urge to shop with it, all the time.
Dont be surprised. Ive always been this way.
While my sister managed to save up her allowance, and then her paychecks, for bigger things or later needs, Ive always been one to ship the cash out on things like clothes, purses, CDs, and other nonsensical items as soon as I get it in my hands.
Recently, Ive found a new shopping problem. I can shop from home, or from the computer wherever I am, any time of the day. Thats dangerous.
A new problem I have is spending my days checking every 30 minutes or so to see what new items is being showcased on a television shopping channel, which also allows you to watch live from any computer.
This is not good. It is good for those who cant get out of the house, and it is good for people who love deals, because this particular network has great deals, but it is not good for me.
Ive managed to hold off from ordering too much only one jacket and one shirt, so far. That shows I at least have some sense of willpower. I even put a pair of earrings and a bracelet in my saved section on the Web, and managed to close the Internet without ordering them. (I still really want them.)
My goal now … to strengthen my willpower, to fight the urge to just buy, buy, buy when I dont really need something.
Wish me luck, because Im going to need it, a lot of it.
Wendy Byerly Wood is the associate editor of The Mount Airy News. She can be reached at [email protected] or 719-1923.

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