DOT ready for winter weather possibility

First Posted: 1/19/2009

With the threat of winter weather Monday night and into Tuesday, the areas N.C. Department of Transportation workers are staying close to home in case they are needed.
The National Weather Service was calling for a chance of snow showers Monday night and possibly into the afternoon today. As of 10 p.m., Mount Airy had still not seen any frozen precipitation beyond a few stray snowflakes.
The local DOT had its equipment ready Monday afternoon but had not begun any other precautions.
According to Mark Williams, county maintenance engineer, DOT does not apply salt to the roads while they are dry because the traffic would just blow it off. Instead, crews wait until the frozen precipitation begins to fall, making the road wet and allowing the salt to stick.
Well keep an eye on the radar and head out when the precipitation starts falling, he said. When the weather service report says its a couple hours away, Ill get the guys out here.
The approximately 70 employees of the DOT had not been called in Monday afternoon but were on alert. If they are called out, they will work in shifts to make the roads as safe as possible.
John Shelton, director of emergency services, did not think the county would see much in the way of winter weather based on radar and National Weather Service reports Monday afternoon.
We shouldnt have anything but maybe a dusting, he said. The reports havent given us any idea we will have anything difficult at all.
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