Damage occurs at golf course

First Posted: 2/4/2009

The golf course at Cross Creek Country Club was damaged earlier this week by someone driving a vehicle onto the site.
During the incident, discovered Monday morning, damage occurred to the fairway for the 16th hole and to the No. 2 tee at the course. Along with harm to the grass caused by the vehicle being driven through the fairway, a divot mat and stand were damaged as well.
The overall damage was put at $850 from the incident that apparently occurred overnight Sunday.
Its going to be an eyesore for a couple of months, Bradley Boyd, Cross Creeks golf course superintendent, said Wednesday, but he pointed out that the damage could have been worse.
There were no witnesses to the vandalism, and the Mount Airy Police Department had no suspects at last report.
It is a senseless crime, said Tom Golden, interim general manager at the country club. He added that these types of acts typically are caused by underage persons out joyriding.
Ive never experienced a mature adult doing anything like this, Golden said.

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