Pelfrey to double-up at St. Andrews

First Posted: 1/25/2009

Scholastic athletes that play multiple sports usually face the tough task of giving up one sport to focus on another in college. Mount Airys Andrew Pelfrey, however, is that rare case where choosing was not an option. The Senior has decided to play baseball and soccer at Division II St. Andrews in Laurinburg.
At the other schools I talked to, I couldnt play both, Pelfrey said. That was big.
An all-conference goal keeper, stellar baseball player and member of the Granite Bears basketball team, Pelfrey also keeps his grades up by maintaining a 3.2 grade-point average. His hard work both on and off the field earned him a scholarship package roughly two-thirds off the nearly $30,000 per year college. Pelfrey said the transition to college wont hamper his grades or his skills.
During high school Ive always played three sports, Pelfrey said. So Im used to playing sports and focusing on keeping my grades up. I think I can still do it in college.
Pelfrey, a lefty-hitting catcher and member of the Surry Pride American Legion team, batted about .380 last season with 18 RBIs. The 6-foot-1, 175-pounder has been clocked throwing to second base in 2.1 seconds. He said if he had to choose between baseball and soccer, Americas pastime would win out.
St. Andrews coaches saw Pelfrey at the Blue-Gray Classic showcase event over the summer. After a visit to the school, the Knights won out over Greensboro College.
When I went down and visited St. Andrews, I really liked the campus, Pelfrey said. And the coaches were nice. Its a small school with about 800 students. I just fell in love with St. Andrews.
Choosing a school is an immense decision, so will Pelfrey be able to relax now that his situation is finalized?
I still got to go out there and prove why I should play college baseball, he said. It does relieve a lot of stress. If I waited, I could have not gotten an offer. My coach (Mack Hodges) is really proud that I signed early. He doesnt have to worry about it either.
As a freshman, Pelfrey walked on the diamond and began playing immediately. Both he and his coach think he has a similar opportunity at St. Andrews.
Theyve already said I could come in there and start right off the bat, Pelfrey said. To play and be on the field, I will play any position and try my hardest at it.
Added Hodges: He started for us since he was a freshman. Each year hes gradually gotten a little better. He started off as a kid who had tons of potential. Hes improved his ability to reach that potential, but theres still a little room for him to get better at the next level. I think itll be relatively easy for him. He came straight from middle school to varsity and he adjusted very quickly to that. He should adapt pretty easily.
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