Growing up is overrated

First Posted: 10/8/2009

I realized this week that I have never really grown up.
Oh, sure, Im taller, I weigh a little bit more each year, and Im slowly learning when to keep my mouth shut. But there are certain times when I realize that Im not that far removed from my childhood and preteen years.
It all started this week when someone showed me a magazine about the hunks in the new Twilight movie, New Moon, which opens in theaters in November.
It was amazing how quickly I turned into a 13-year-old version of myself. I squealed, I gushed over the pictures. Heck, I might have even drooled. I looked at every page in the book, talking about how hot this guy was and how silly this guy looked and how I wished the movie was already out. Then I proceeded to drive around town trying to find the same magazine so I could have my own pull-out posters of the movies stars.
After my unsuccessful trip to five different stores to find this magazine, my zeal was not diminished. I went to my parents house that night and watched every New Moon trailer that I could find on the Internet. I relieved a lot of stress in the process.
It wasnt until the next day that I began to think about how I had acted. How quickly one little magazine shaved several years off of my emotional age! It was reminiscent of my NSYNC phase years ago, when I bought every teeny-bopper magazine I could find so I could cut out pictures of Justin Timberlake.
Then on Wednesday night I went to the Dixie Classic Fair to see one of my favorite bands perform. I had to fight past the crowds to get a good seat, but it was worth it. When Need to Breathe began playing the title song to their new album, I could feel myself start to bounce in my seat. I looked around, and most of the grown-ups were politely sitting and listening.
So I sat there and quietly sang along. But I enviously watched the people standing close to the stage as they cheered and sang at the top of their lungs. It reminded me of how excited I used to get over music.
I can remember dancing in front of the television every time my parents played a concert video of their favorite singer, Dan Fogelberg. I remember getting a Sony Walkman for Christmas which allowed me to listen to Mariah Carey and Celine Dion everywhere I went. Then I went through a stage where I constantly listened to the radio. When one of my favorite songs came on, I would call one of my best friends, practically screaming out the station she should turn to. We would sing and dance around our rooms to the cheerful pop beats.
These memories and many more ran through my head at the concert. Finally I said, To heck with being a prim and proper grown-up. Im going to have fun. So I snapped picture after picture, sang along to every song, and cheered every time Need to Breathe started playing one of my favorites.
No, I havent grown up. And neither have you.
Oh, you may think you have. But thats just what you tell yourself. I can guarantee that there is some music, some food, some event, some person, some object, that will make you feel like a kid again. You can fight the urge, but why?
Theres nothing wrong with acting like a kid again. We dont need to do juvenile things that are going to hurt others. But whats the harm in relieving a little stress by obsessing over a new movie coming out? Or whats wrong with letting go of those grown-up pride barriers and showing how excited you really are about something?
Since age is all a state of mind anyway, Ive decided to revert back to the simplicity and enthusiasm of my childhood days. Growing up is overrated.
Meghann Evans is a staff reporter with The Mount Airy News. She can be reached at [email protected] or at 719-1952.

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