Goals are met one step at a time

First Posted: 12/29/2009

Not one to typically make New Years resolutions, the end of the year doesnt seem so disheartening since no goals were missed.
In fact, paying off a couple of bills that had been looming overhead for several years makes this past year one to be happy about, for the most part.
While sitting around during the Christmas holiday, I did promise myself something I will lose weight in 2010.
Now this may seem like a type of New Years resolution, and maybe in a way it is, but unlike those typical resolutions people make knowing they wont keep them, I have a specific goal in mind.
In light of my inner desire to feel good about myself and who I am, just as many others probably seek to feel, I asked for Christmas presents that will help me with my goal.
The Wii console I purchased myself, but then asked for the Wii Fit Plus as a Christmas gift, which I have gotten.
Also, once I get past paying for Christmas presents and getting my car worked on, which will happen within the next week or so, I intend to join the local recreation center near my home in Pilot Mountain in order to enhance my exercising in the pool and workout areas. To help with that goal, for Christmas I received the money it will take to join for a couple of months.
In college, the weight room and pool were no strangers to me. I loved the feeling my muscles had after a hard workout with weights and machines and the aerobic workout I got in the pool.
As life got crazier, and going to the gym wasnt free any more, after college it was easier to sit in front of the computer or television, or find something else to do other than go workout, even if it meant walking.
Now 50 to 60 pounds heavier than I was in college and the year after college, I look at myself in the mirror and I dont know who I am. I dont look at myself, and I dont enjoy what I see. And in talking to others, I know Im not alone.
For me, I want to have the ambition to push myself to make a change and see a difference. And thats what my Christmas presents were about, I now have no excuses not to workout.
For others, it may take a little support and a group effort. There are programs, like the Losing for Life program at Reeves Community Center and various classes and boot camps at other area workout facilities, that can provide the extra boost of support and confidence they may need to stick with it.
If you are like me and you have a goal you want to accomplish, whether it is losing weight, quitting smoking, or some other habit, wanting to save money, whatever, make whatever it is a goal to meet in 2010.
Making a goal doesnt mean you have to accomplish all of what you eventually want to by the end of 2010, just that you take steps and get some of the goal accomplished. For example, a long-term goal may be to lose 50 pounds (which would be great for me), but I know I likely wont accomplish all of that at one time. So I set a goal, to accomplish losing 10 pounds by the end of February. Then 10 more pounds over the two or three months after that.
It may take longer this way, but it also makes it more achievable, in my opinion, especially while dealing with the battles of everyday life on top of the battles to meet that goal.
So set your start date, whatever it may be, and then your first step of accomplishment in your overall goal.
Lets see if we can get to the finale together.
Wendy Byerly Wood is the associate editor of The Mount Airy News. She can be reached at [email protected] or 719-1923.

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