Letters to The News

First Posted: 11/15/2009

To the Editor,

Of the statements attributed to Virginia Foxx in Saturdays Mt. Airy news are correct then she either gave deliberately misleading answers or is a bare faced liar, you decide.
She says the 1.4 trillion deficit in Obama’s first 9 months cannot match the first 43 presidents deficits combined. Really? George W. Bush racked up a deficit of over 5 trillion dollars during his eight years. The deficits of Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush account for over 80% of the national debt. Since the fiscal year starts on 1 October the past fiscal year mostly belongs to the George W. Bush except for the stimulus package and what Obama has added for unemployment payments and to the Iraq and Afghan Wars. Note that Bush did not include money for the Iraq and Afghan Wars in any of his budget proposals, Obama has now put them on budget. The national debt was actually being paid down when Bill Clinton left office. The last president to have a balanced budget before Clinton was LBJ in 1969. The Republicans talk a good show but when it comes to spending they are much worse that the Democrats.
Foxx says illegal immigrants would be covered if health insurance reform is passed. Not true, no illegals would be able to buy insurance through the government. Of course they can now buy insurance from private companies and could continue to do so unless Foxx proposes to make it illegal for private insurance companies to sell illegals health insurance. I can hear the howls of protest from the health insurance companies now at just the thought.
Foxx says that reform would take away our freedoms yet she is unable to say just what freedoms because there is nothing in the Senate or House bills that would do so.
Foxx has said repeatedly that reform would be a government takeover of health care yet she can not say how since nothing in the two bills would give government control of your health care. Your care would continue to be between you and your doctor just as it has always been. Of course if you have private insurance it is between you, the insurance company, and your doctor since the company can refuse to cover your procedures.
People are going to lose jobs Foxx says in reply to how health insurance reform would affect the local hospitals and medical offices. Since many more people in the district would have insurance and would be able to pay for care it seems to me that would increase jobs in the health care field for the district. Of course this is just plain common sense which seems to be in short supply in Washington DC.
Her answers on Medicare part D and Medicare Advantage are misleading or wrong. There is no reduction in Medicare Part D (drugs) but a gradual closing of the donut hole so you would be paying less. As far as Medicare Advantage goes the insurance companies now receive 10% or more than what is paid for traditional Medicare, this overpayment would be reduced.
Reform shouldn’t be rushed? National health insurance was first proposed by Teddy Roosevelt in the early 1900s and reform proposed by just about every president since. Over 100 years is too fast for Foxx?
Foxx says she wants local insurance plans. Just how would that work especially in rural areas? Who runs it? Where does the start up money come from? Just what is Foxx’s plan and time table for reform of health insurance? From what I have seen and heard she has none but wants the status quo because that means the most profits for the health insurance companies.
Foxx encourages people to contact their representative, just what good would that do when she seems to be so ill informed?
People should educate themselves about issues and help educate others but I certainly would not count on getting the correct information from Foxx as you can see from the above.
I would like to ask the people of the Fifth District a question. Just how did we elect someone so ill informed or just plain lying to represent us as Virginia Foxx?

Herbert C. Gullatt
Mount Airy

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