Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

First Posted: 2/13/2009

Thumbs Up

To the Student Government Association at Surry Community College and the Interact Club at Mount Airy High School.
Both groups are spearheading a project in which they are collecting change from students schools and elsewhere, with the money being turned over to the United Fund of Surry County. The SGA has been collecting on the college campus for several days. The Interact Club is collecting donations today at several spots around town.
Their efforts are aimed at helping the United Fund meet its fundraising goal. With a slow economy, the organization has struggled to meet its $500,000 goal, and the students at these two schools have stepped up to help.
To a couple of our own here at the Mount Airy News, staff reporter Tom Joyce and former sports reporter Mac Heffner. Many of you probably read in Fridays paper both won awards at Thursdays North Carolina Press Association meeting, Joyce taking first place in column writing and Heffner taking the top spot in sports news writing.
All the folks at The Mount Airy News work hard at putting out a good, solid, community-oriented local daily newspaper, and our main reward for doing so is the fact that people come back and buy our paper day after day.
But, its also nice when excellence is recognized by our peers. Good job, guys.
To Duke Power Company, for granting a one-day extension for Mount Airy customers to pay their bills this week.
Because of some confusion and related problems, a local vendor who accepts payments for the company found himself overwhelmed with demands and simply could not get all the payments processed in time, even for folks who had shown up on the deadline day for paying earlier than the 5 p.m. deadline.
Recognizing there was a problem, and that most of their customers where making a good faith effort to pay the bill on time, Duke officials granted the extra day, which was the right thing to do.

Thumbs Down

To all the people who arent handicapped who are using handicapped accessible parking spaces around town, or who park in the fire lanes, just because youre too lazy to walk a few extra yards. The police are stepping up enforcement efforts on these laws, and we dont feel sorry for a single one of these folks who find themselves with a ticket.

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