A heros parents should be honored, too

First Posted: 5/3/2009

A year has passed since one of our communitys own, Adam Marion, was killed while serving with the U.S. Army National Guard in Iraq.
With the passage of time, the immediacy, the urgency, of emotions many people in the community felt upon learning the news has no doubt lessened.
That does not mean his sacrifice is any less notable today than it was when news of his death was announced, nor is the pain any less for his family and close friends.
Yesterday those very people, and more than 300 others, gathered at his church, Piney Grove Baptist, to dedicate a memorial to Marion and other local folks who have lost their lives in military service to America.
Words of praise about Marion were uttered, and memories of his life were shared. As we have on several occasions over the past year, we offer our thanks and words of respect for Pfc. Marion and what he gave.
And, we add our heartfelt thanks to his family. Marion was, by all accounts, a fun-loving, kind, genuinely nice guy who made friends everywhere he went. He was also a hard worker who took great pride in his duties with the National Guard.
That not only speaks well for Marion, but for his parents, Donnie and Pam Marion. It was in their home he learned the importance of befriending and respecting others, to work hard, and to love and honor his country. And we hope that whenever those in our community offer their gratitude to Pfc. Adam Marion, they extend that to his parents, as well.

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