Joint efforts result in great things

First Posted: 11/23/2009

Great things can happen when people come together for a good cause.
Recently, employees with United Plastics Corp. of Mount Airy participated in a good cause with many other people from around the state and elsewhere.
The company decided to donate one of its products to be used in the construction of a home in Lexington featured on the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.
Not only did the company donate the product, which now lines the walls of the home, but several employees with the company traveled to Lexington and spent a whole night installing the product, as well as helping with other construction tasks until it was time for their job to be completed.
In addition to United Plastics, Bill Plemmons RV World of Rural Hall donated use of a number of recreational vehicles for those on the construction site to stay in during the build.
Similar events occur, not on quite such a large scale, in Surry County as well.
Sunday, the Greater Mount Airy Habitat for Humanity dedicated a new home for new owners, one of several home dedications the organization has held in recent months.
If it werent for the hard work of many people in Surry County coming together for a good cause, these Habitat homes wouldnt exist as they do, and in such a quick manner, some in as short a time as a week or two during blitz builds.
Not only do people donate their time, but money and supplies also are given by members and businesses in the community to make these homes a reality.
We encourage members of the community and businesses in the area to continue to give of their time, money and other resources to make sure people have a good roof over their heads, and we applaud the efforts of those at United Plastics for going above and beyond to help give a deserving family a good home.
If we all come together for a joint effort, we can accomplish great things.

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