A Field of Screams to start Friday

First Posted: 10/21/2009

DOBSON In a time when a bargain is a hard thing to find, members of the Dobson Rescue Squad who put on the Field of Screams at Fisher River Park have decided to lower the price this year.
Last year admission to the haunted trail was $10, this year the price per person drops to $6, and this Friday night has been declared Mount Airy News night when admission will only be $5 a head.
Rescue squad Chief Russell Cockerham said they lowered the price this year because people are struggling with the economy.
People are having it rough, we want everyone to be able to bring their families out and have a good time, Cockerham said.
For an even greater bargain, those who bought a T-shirt or sweatshirt last year and wear it to the trail this year, will get an additional $1 admission, even on Friday night.
This is the biggest fundraiser for the year for the squad, which operates on a volunteer basis. Cockerham said the squad is trying to raise enough money this year to purchase a Polaris Ranger with a trailer for off-road rescues that would be available to other squads in the county if needed.
This year the squad is going back to basics and cutting back on some of its electronic devices, instead opting to use real people do to scare attendees.
All of the Hollywood horror greats can be seen at the trail including Michael Myers, Freddie Kruger, Jason, Chucky and the puppet from SAW the movie.
The field will be open Oct. 23, 24, 30 and 31. The first victims will be allowed to go through the trail at dark, or around 7 p.m. The field will shut down at midnight, but all those in line at that time will be allowed to go through.
It takes about 35 minutes to get through the trail depending on how fast groups are moving. Cockerham said volunteers will keep lines moving to cut down on the wait time.
This year, visitors will be able to stroll through new exhibits such as the Field of Screams kitchen and a wax museum. A graveyard with a real hearse will also be featured. The ever-popular scary trailer also will be included in the scare tactics as in years past.
Cockerham said some changes have been made to keep returning visitors guessing.
You could get a shocking experience, Cockerham said with an evil laugh.
At least 40 volunteers will be at the park this year to scare guests. This is the seventh year the squad has put on the haunted trail.
T-shirts will be on sale this year for $10 and sweatshirts will be $15. Concessions such as hot dogs, ground steak sandwiches and soft drinks will be sold.
The field is located at Fisher River Park, 381 County Home Road in the Athletic Annex. The gate has been moved back to its original location at the far end of the parking lot behind the ball fields.
More information is available at www.afieldofscreams.com.
Contact Mondee Tilley at [email protected] or at 719-1930.

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