Thumbs Up

First Posted: 8/7/2009

To all the local folks who have volunteered to work on the local Census committee.
The group held its first meeting this week and is still organizing, but essentially its purpose is to pave the way for a successful, and all-inclusive, U.S. Census effort in 2010.
This is vital, because the numbers collected in this census will be used for years in determining certain streams of federal money coming in to Surry County. Its good to see local officials getting a jump on this effort.
To Faith-in-Action volunteers who spent an average of 19 hours per week giving their time to those in need in the community during the past year.
Thats an incredible amount of time, when you think about it. Nineteen hours per week, given by local folks who simply want to help those in need.
To officials in the Mount Airy and Surry County school systems as well as those at Millennium Charter Academy. All three school systems learned recently nearly every school in those districts met or exceeded state-mandated end-of-grade and end-of-course tests.
It seems every couple of months there is another state or federal test being administered to public school students, and the local school systems always seem to come out well ahead of what is expected, or needed, of them.
As we have said often, that speaks well of the local leadership, the teachers, and shows area youth are being educated in a manner which can prepare the for a successful transition into life.

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