Talent Search TV Show to be taped

First Posted: 1/6/2009

Trying out for the popular Fox-series American Idol can give a contestant auditioning for the national-televised singing competition a shot-in-the-dark chance of winning a spot on the series.
And a shot in the dark means one out of tens of thousands.
But a local series with a premise similar to American Idol which allows viewers to vote for their favorite performers might give hopefuls a better shot, said its creator Bobby Locke.
The odds are better than American Idol, said Locke, who is an executive producer for the new variety TV show, Talent Search TV, which his wife, Debbie Anderson Locke of Winston-Salem, will host.
The show features signed and unsigned singers and bands of different musical styles from the Triad and surrounding area, including Southern Virginia competing to earn viewers votes. Talent Search TV will air on the iON Television Network, which is carried locally on cable, DirecTV and over the air on Channel 16, starting Jan. 16 at 11:30 p.m. Eastern. The series will last for 20 weeks.
Locke and his crew are traveling and holding local contests to find one singer from each area that will be featured in an episode of Talent Search TV. A total of five singers will be seen in each episode and viewers can cast their votes for their favorite performer online at www.TalentSearchTV.info.
Producers for the TV show will select the number one participant from this weeks contest at Hillbilly Country on 617 S. South St. in Mount Airy at 6 p.m. That winner will air on the first episode on Jan. 16, and all 20 weekly TV winners will compete at the 2009 Twin City Ribfest in Winston-Salem at the Dixie Classic Fairgrounds June 11-24. The No. 1 singer at the Ribfest will win a $500 cash grand prize.
Well be taping everyone who auditions, Locke said about the local contests. But the winner of the contest wont know they won until they see their footage on Jan. 16.
Winners of each episode will be revealed on the following episode.
At the contest, there will be 30,000 karaoke soundtracks available for singers to use as background tracks. Original songs are accepted if approved by Talent Search TV. Locke said bands which are interested in performing who might have special technical needs should call ahead to make arrangements.
Unlike American Idol, there will not be on-site judges at the contest, he added.
We initially judge for one winner, and then its up to the viewers choice, he said. We try to keep it fair.
Locke said much like American Idol, the winners will probably be a combination of talent and popularity.
Its part talent, part popularity, said Locke, who also owns Sonic Records, adding that winning partially on popularity is a sign of marketability. People have to work on the popularity thing to be marketable, but talent tends to rise to the top. Theyll get the true pulse of a person more fairly than people who do know them. Its the fairest situation of judging, if people like you, youll win.
For more information, visit www.TalentSearchTV.info.
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