Summits offer chance for many to join tourism effort

First Posted: 8/12/2009

The Tourism Partnership of Surry County is opening its doors to area people involved in tourism-related work in the community.
The partnership will be holding two tourism summits one on Aug. 27, and the other on Sept. 1 to explain more about the Very Surry marketing campaign. The presentation will also give more details about the economic effects tourism has on the region, and air a video showing off some of the areas attractions.
This is an excellent move. The partnership is thus named because it is a joining of local municipal governments, and the county, and private business interests, working together to build the tourism trade in Surry County.
To be a true, effective partnership, the group also needs everyone on board any organization or businesses which depends on tourism, at least in part, needs to get on board as partners, offering a unified effort throughout the community.
For those organizations and people who receive a partnership invitation to attend one of the two summits, we hope they accept. And for anyone else who is involved in the tourism trade, or conceivably could be, we hope they contact the partnership to learn how they can get on board with the Very Surry campaign.
Ultimately, those very businesses stand to reap the main benefit, but all of Surry County will be better off for it.

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