Grant a reward for commitment to students

First Posted: 8/20/2009

Yesterday, Mount Airy Mayor Jack Loftis proclaimed the day as Got 2B Safe Child Safety Day.
The honor was in recognition of the unveiling of a pretend town called Got 2B Safetyville, which is an interactive display in the classroom of B.H. Tharrington Primary School teacher Amanda Sechrist.
She was awarded a $10,000 classroom makeover grant from Honeywell based on her program, which utilizes the display to teach children about personal safety. She also had community officials such as police officers come in and talk with her students.
The Got 2B Safetyville is a wonderful teaching tool she and other teachers use to help children learn to be safe and to take some responsibility for their own well-being. She put together the idea after seeing distressing statistics showing how many children go missing or who are exploited in the United States every year.
That shows her commitment to going beyond the regular classroom fare, with a focus on equipping the children with life skills they need.
The grant, which went toward a complete classroom make-over, is just icing on the cake, and while its nice, we should not lose sight of what Sechrist is accomplishing for her students.
The local school systems are fortunate to have professionals of this caliber in their classrooms.

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