Joining the big leagues

First Posted: 4/2/2009

Brady Sechrist had the chance to step into the shoes of Chad Beasley on Wednesday.
The fourth grader took over as principal of J.J. Jones Intermediate School for the day after winning the position by selling the most bear cards, discount coupons for restaurants. This is the second year he has earned the honor so he knew some of what to expect. However, he was able to take on some extra duties this year.
Ive mostly been fooling around in the office, he said. I went in all the classrooms and signed the teachers lesson plans.
He greeted the car riders as they arrived in the parking lot Wednesday morning and made morning announcements. He also had Goobers for lunch instead of the usual cafeteria food.
I think theyre more excited than jealous, he said of his friends.
To complete the swap, Beasley attended his classes and even completed some of his assignments. Sechrist does have to do some homework though, so he does not get out of class completely. However, he is not fooled into thinking that principals have it easy, simply sitting in their office or roaming the school all day.
When a kid gets to be principal of the day, we have the easy life, he said. I really believe Mr. Beasley has a lot more work to do.
Sechrist has aspirations of one day being a principal himself after his experiences at Jones.
Since the first time I did it, Ive been shooting to be a principal when I grow up. Its truly exciting, he said.
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