Commissioners asked to reconsider Cody Creek recycling center move

First Posted: 6/17/2009

DOBSON During the open forum held at the beginning of the Surry County Board of Commissioners meeting Monday night, two county residents questioned the board regarding its plans to relocate the Cody Creek Recycling Center to Wilmoth Road.
The center is being relocated because the owners of the Cody Creek site went up on their lease rates to the county, according to Commissioner Jimmy Miller.
Vice Chair Paul Johnson said the owners of the Cody Creek facility went from charging the county $75 a month lease for the site to $100 per week.
When they went up a considerable amount on the price, we just didnt want to spend that kind of money. And they acted like they really just dont want to do business with us, Miller said Tuesday afternoon.
Kathy Chappell asked commissioners how much the relocation would cost. She had stated prior to the meeting in an e-mail to The News that she thought the county was spending money for the new center unnecessarily.
In response to Chappells question, Johnson said it would be built the same way we built the other 17 recycling centers across the county, by county employees.
Johnson never directly answered Chappells question, however, in a phone interview Tuesday afternoon, Johnson said the county will stand to save a considerable amount of money by relocating the recycling center. He said the county found land on Wilmoth Road that could be leased for the same $75 per month.
Did you do any environmental assessments of the area for the new center? There is a creek below the center where the run off water would go. The water will run off into the Yadkin River, Chappell said as she questioned commissioners.
Chairman Craig Hunter then asked Planning Director Kim Bates to look into a topography map of the area to see if that would be a problem.
That was a good point that you made, Hunter said to Chappell.
Im just worried about all that traffic and to see those pretty trees go down, Chappell said.
Jan Gordon, owner of the Cody Creek facility, then addressed the board.
I had a meeting with Mr. (Dennis) Thompson (county manager) this afternoon. My major concern is on 601 coming down to Wilmoth Road is a very dangerous spot. There have been numerous accidents there. Im worried about the Wilmoth Road entrance, Gordon said.
Later in the commissioners meeting it was disclosed that Gordon and her husband had asked for $185,000 as a selling price for the one-and-a-half-acre tract on which the Cody Creek Recycling Center is now located. Gordon told commissioners that she knew the offer was high, but had expected a counter offer from the county which never came.
County Manager Dennis Thompson stated that the tax value of the property in Cody Creek is $44,710.
Commissioner Jimmy Miller said the board had already made its decision to move the center to Wilmoth Road. However, Gordon said she would be interested in a counter offer from the county.
Me and my husband are happy to have the site there. If you move the site, there is going to be a tremendous cost to the county, even if the county does the work itself. I dont know if you have an asphalt plant, Gordon said questioning the cost to pave a new recycling center.
Johnson said the new centers site is already being cleared and the county plans to just do the bare minimum to get it up and running including grading and gravel rather than paving the new site.
The board did not comment any further on the matter.
In other action during the board meeting:
A public hearing was held to close the Community Development Block Grant to residents of the Flat Rock and Bannertown communities to pay for water hook-ups by the board following a presentation from Jack Gardin, Surry County Water and Sewer project coordinator. Gardin told commissioners that 55 households were assisted with $55,000 in grant money for water hook-ups from the CDBG. No one from the public spoke during the public hearing.
Another public hearing was held to transfer part of the Four Way Volunteer Fire Department district to Franklins fire district. No one from the public spoke following Surry County Fire Marshal Doug Jones presentation.
Thank you to the Franklin and Four Way fire departments. I know you all worked together, said Hunter.
A public hearing for an animal control ordinance update was held without any public comment. Animal Control Supervisor Bobby Gallimore told commissioners that there were only a few ordinance clarifications that will make ordinances easier for both officers and those working in the court systems to understand.
Commissioners honored Eagle Scouts Jacob Jake Dellinger from Troop 529, Robert Thomas Legg from Troop 561 and Samuel Welch from Troop 596.
Commissioners agreed to appropriate up to $1,500 to the White Plains Volunteer Fire Department to move a donated fire hydrant across the road to the new fire department property on Old U.S. 601.
Commissioners also agreed to pay up to $2,000 to patch part of the parking lot of the Jones Family Resources Center. The work is to be completed by county employees.
Dr. William Blackley presented a petition from 38 Surry County physicians asking them to reconsider locating Fibrowatt in the county, citing health concerns.
Don Minor, a resident of the Lowgap community, spoke during the open forum. He asked commissioners, Who is the young man who does code enforcement for the county?
Johnson told Minor that Stan Newman and Doug Hall are the officers and Minor had dealt with Newman.
Mr. Newman needs to treat people he comes in contact with, with more dignity and class. He needs to say please and thank you and yes sir and no sir, Minor said.
Stan has a very hard job. He probably doesnt make a lot of friends, Johnson responded.
I have a lot of antique cars on my property and he implied that I could not own those automobiles. Hes headed for a good ole fashioned Lowgap Rednecking.
Hunter interjected saying, You lose integrity when you start talking like that.
Johnson also spoke up saying, Lets just dont do a Lowgaping.
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