Music camp encourages creativity

First Posted: 6/21/2009

PILOT MOUNTAIN It really is like music to his ears, every time Blake Tickle sees a childs face light up when he or she learns something at music camp.
Music is a source of inspiration for life, he said.
And, it was obvious that the kids participating in the annual Music Enrichment Camp at First Presbyterian Church of Pilot Mountain were inspired as they excitedly performed a sketch they had rehearsed during the three-day camp Friday in front of their friends and family.
I enjoy seeing the kids participate in music and drama and enjoy seeing their faces as they learn something brand new, Tickle said Friday as he watched more than 50 kids in grades kindergarten through fifth act, dance and sing.
Tickle, who just graduated from East Surry High School, is one of several student volunteers who help teach the students during the camp session.
For the three-day camp, kids received instruction from organizers Joyce Collins and Sherry Collins, along with music teachers Gena Ray and Wilson Smith, in areas including singing, drama, assorted instruments and storytelling. There were also guest appearances from local musicians including craftsmen Ken Bloom.
This year during camp, the students learned about the seven elements of music: tone, color, harmony, expression, articulation, rhythm and form.
The grand finale of the camp program included the kids performing The Three Little Pigs to live music and singing in chorus while holding hands around the church.
The camp helps them to foster an appreciation and love for music, said Sherry Collins, who works as a music specialist at both Westfield and Shoals elementary schools while serving as pianist and organist at First Presbyterian Church.
Emma and Abby Kish are sisters who said they were invited to participate in the camp by Collins, who taught them at Shoals Elementary School.
Abby, who is 12, said during the music classes at school there are several levels that students can work to pass that lead them to play more challenging instruments.
You can learn to play the trumpet, the saxophone, the clarinet, she said. As you grow and learn more, you get more challenges and can play more instruments.
Right now, Abby said she plays both the flute and the guitar.
Emma, 11, plays the recorder and the guitar.
The girls, who joined the camp two years ago, said they enjoy coming because they can learn and have fun at the same time.
You learn a bunch of stuff and everybody gets to be a part of it, Emma said.
The best part, she said, is doing the plays.
Theres a lot of action and movement, dancing and singing, she said. Watching the plays is fun, too.
Tickle said the excitement students like Abby and Emma have is what the camp is designed for to encourage creativity and learning in the same note.
Every child needs to express themselves in different ways and music helps them to do that, he said.
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