LeFevre honored for excellence in chaplaincy by state organization

First Posted: 10/13/2009

DOBSON Sgt. Gerald LeFevre wasnt even going to tell Sheriff Graham Atkinson that he was awarded the Otis F. Jones Memorial Award recently because he doesnt want to draw attention to himself, but since he is a public official, it was hard to keep it a secret.
The North Carolina Sheriffs Office Chaplains Association meets twice a year. During the Oct. 5 meeting, LeFevre was presented with the award, which was designed to recognize the contributions of chaplains working within law enforcement agencies in North Carolina.
As chaplain for the sheriffs office, LeFevre holds weekly devotion services.
I know a lot of them enjoy that. It may be the only time they have to get to church. Anytime anybody in the office needs anything, if they have a sick family member, if I can be of any assistance on that, I act as a liaison for the sheriffs office, LeFevre said.
LeFevre is also available to deliver death notices to families for the sheriffs office. He also helps out in the community. If any officer is on a call and someone wants to speak with a chaplain and doesnt have anybody else to talk to, he goes to help.
He is a preacher, but doesnt have his own church at this time.
I wish I had the time to, but with all my duties here … This gives me a way to have a ministry opportunity along with being a deputy. It was my calling to be a preacher during Basic Law Enforcement Training. I almost dropped out because I wanted to go into the ministry, but the Lord lead me to do both.
LeFevre started his career in law enforcement at the Elkin Police Department. Then he found out about an opening at the sheriffs office as a patrol deputy and he said it looked like in the future there would be an opening for a chaplain.
It worked out well, LeFevre said.
He has been with the Surry County Sheriffs Office for five years and has worked as chaplain for the past four years.
I just wanted the opportunity to help others through the ministry, LeFevre said.
He said one of the resources he uses in his ministry is the Shield A Badge with Prayer, which was started by Mike Taylor, the president of the Sheriffs Chaplain Association.
Thats for the public to remember to pray for law enforcement officers and emergency workers who are out here. And also we get the Bibles like this in for the officers, he said while holding up one of the Bibles. This reminds them that theres someone out there praying for them. Theres prayers behind that badge and I know we can definitely use those prayers every day.
LeFevre said most sheriffs offices across the state have a designated chaplain. He is honored to be named the best of the group this year.
I didnt do it for the award. I dont do it for any recognition. I enjoy the opportunity in the ministry. I didnt expect it and wasnt looking for it, he said.
LeFevre is also a patrol sergeant in charge of supervising a squad of deputies.
Its an interesting task to try to be a patrol sergeant and the chaplain at the same time. Sometimes they are oil and water. I just pray that the Lord will get us through each day and have Him be where He wants us to be, LeFevre said.
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