East Surry High School

First Posted: 6/12/2009

East Surry High School football field

June 12, 2009, at 7 p.m.

Number of Graduates:

Averi Marshall, valedictorian

What the speaker said:
Change has been no stranger to us. The one thing that has been a constant in our lives has been Pilot Mountain.

We took our journey step by step.

We thought this day would never come. We never failed to keep our eyes on the prize.

We made it to the top but even though we have reached the top the journey has just begun.

You Guys Rock!

Words from Principal Tony Hall:
I havent heard anybody mention the incredible feat by our softball team (winning the state championship in softball).
Courtney Simmons, you are the best athlete at East Surry.
Paige Honeycutt, no doubt you were the backbone of your team. You are an inspiration to all of us.

What the graduates did:
Threw hats, sprayed silly string

What the graduates said:
Youve taken 50,000 pictures.
OK, thats enough pictures!

Parents comments:
Oh, here they come.

Im going to be mad, look at me.

Comon we gotta watch papa graduate.
– mother to her infant

The only time I cried was when Blake sang.
– Counselor Karen Burr

This was the best group. Im going to miss them.
– Priscilla Lowe, science teacher

Who was notable in attendance:
Dr. Ashley Hinson, Surry County Schools superintendent
Pat Widdowson, Surry County Schools assistant superintendent
Earlie Coe, Surry County Board of Education chairman
Sue Stone, Surry County Board of Education member
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