School gives back with Relay for Life event

First Posted: 4/4/2009

Students at Mount Airy Middle School did their part to support Relay for Life on Friday with an assembly and a number of activities.
The students gathered in the gymnasium to hear from Belinda Elmore, a cancer survivor, before taking a lap around the gym. The students each donated 50 cents to participate in the days events and then paid 50 cents for some of the activities after the assembly.
Elmore began smoking when she was 13. She told students that when she was in school, no one came to speak about not smoking. She also told them that she wished they had.
When the doctor said I had cancer, I was scared to death. Or should I say scared to die, she said. The bottom line is, if I can keep just one of you guys from going through what I did, then all of this is worth it.
She also cautioned them that smoking is an easy thing to start but is not nearly as easy to stop.
Do you know how hard it is to quit smoking? It is like trying to quit cocaine, she said.
Dianne Johnson, Relay for Life co-chair, was also at the event to encourage the students to participate.
You are the future of Relay for Life, she said.
The Family, Career and Community Leaders of America organized much of the schools event and was responsible for running some of the stations.
For 50 cents, students could pie a teacher in the face, get their hair sprayed pink, orange or green or get their face painted. Students could also participate in other events such as pin the nose on the dog or musical chairs. There was popcorn and lemonade available for a 50-cent donation as well.
The kids always amaze us. They just step up to the plate, said Karen Beasley, a FCCLA instructor and organizer of the event.
We used to go to Relay, but they moved it to June and we couldnt do it, said Suzanne Bumgardner, FCCLA instructor and organizer of the event. This is something that affects everybody. We just want awareness out there with the kids.
The Mount Airy Relay for Life will take place on May 29-30 and is in its 14th year. At last years event, Surry County raised $215,000.
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