Fast cars and fond memories

First Posted: 9/17/2009

It seems like I cant go a week without seeing a car show or car tour taking place in the area. These shows serve as a constant reminder to me of how horrible I am at caring for my car.
These car enthusiasts treat their cars like prized possessions, like their babies even. If my car were a baby, then I would be arrested for neglect.
My car currently is in dire need of an oil change, which is not an uncommon occurrence. It also hasnt been washed in quite a while. The inside of it looks like a hurricane swept through, as I have old McDonalds bags and toys strewn about from my much younger siblings who I sometimes shuttle around.
Driving down 601 yesterday, a rock popped up and put a small crack in my windshield. I know from previous experience that this will probably expand to a glaring gash as the weather grows colder.
And one of my taillights is out. A man in the McDonalds line reminded me of that earlier this week. Funny story behind the taillight. I walked out of the grocery store one day a few months ago to watch a grocery cart go rolling through the parking light and crash into the back of my car. It busted out one of my lights while all I could do is just stand there and watch.
Even though some of these car issues were not my fault, I do have to take the blame that I havent fixed them yet. In a busy world, it always seems like my car is the first thing to get neglected.
And why is that? After all, my cars have never done anything bad to me. My first beloved car was a Geo Prizm. It wasnt the coolest or newest vehicle on the block, but it was always dependable. Now it has been passed on to my sister. It must have 200,000 miles on it, but its still running strong. Sometimes I wish I still had it instead of my Chevy Malibu.
Maybe I have just failed to recognize how important vehicles are to our society. When I cover vehicle events, like the Harley Owners Group Rally or the Buick Driving Enthusiasts Fall Tour, I see how crucial cars are. Theyre not just transports to get us from point A to B. They bring people together and serve as the basis for many memories.
When I see different types of cars, I am reminded of the wonderful people and times they have brought me in contact with. When I see a Ford Mustang, I remember taking a ride with my granddad or the first date I went on. When I see an old truck, I remember my papas blue truck or my dads red truck that lasted for years and took me on many trips. Volkswagens always remind me of my moms hippie dream to own a Volkswagen bus and paint it in bright, wild colors.
Im sure you can look back over the years and think of important events that happened in cars. Maybe a car is what drew you to your first crush. Or maybe working on a car or riding in one provided you with much-needed quality time with a relative.
The Greater Mount Airy Chamber of Commerce officials say there are working hard to bring more car groups and shows to the area. What a great idea to benefit local industry, because for many of you out there, cars are a passion. They are sure to draw crowds to the area.
Thank God not everyone takes their vehicle for granted like I do.
Meghann Evans is a staff reporter for The Mount Airy News. She may be reached at [email protected] or at 719-1952.

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