The chase is on

First Posted: 2/17/2009

Sometimes life can turn into a soap opera, and other times it is a fairy tale, complete with villain and happy ending.
My house is no different. At times, it seems like Days of our Lives, except the proper title should be Days of our Nine Lives.
Monday night, more like early Tuesday morning, I got home to find wads of cat hair laying on the carpet outside the bedroom door. It came as quite a surprise since my 8-year-old tabby and 2-year-old gray rarely fight so violently, and only do that when Im home to break them up.
Apparently something had gone terribly wrong while the house was empty.
Arguments among the two felines isnt uncommon.
With two kitty litter boxes, if one cat uses the other cats box, then the owner retaliates by using the other cats box. Then once they have both been tainted it takes a cleaning before either will use the boxes again.
One will not eat while the other one is dining, and you can forget the idea of them drinking water from the same faucet. Yes, I said faucet. Neither will drink from a bowl, they prefer the fresh cold flow from the tub or sink.
And to make matters more complicated, they definitely wont sleep in the same place one on the bed with me and the other prefers a warm cloth cat box in which to curl up.
So life can be a drama when the two decide they want the same thing at the same time.
Even more so, when the younger one decides he wants to play with the older one, who hates to be touched most of the time, thats when the fighting truly takes place.
The two will play cat and mouse, or should I say cat and cat, through the house. It sounds like a herd of elephants on a stampede rather than two domestic cats. And you better watch your bare feet, because if they get in the way, the claws will dig in for extra push on the last straight stretch to the finish line.
Once one finds a good high place to watch the other and make sure it is not disturbed, the argument usually subsides.
Its just like the cat-and-mouse dramas that are continually played out on TV. I just think watching the two felines is much more interesting.
Wendy Byerly Wood is the associate editor of The Mount Airy News. She can be reached at [email protected] or 719-1923.

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