Fifth graders learn about giving back

First Posted: 12/18/2009

LOWGAP About half of the children in the fifth grade at Cedar Ridge Elementary School receive help from the Salvation Army, and to teach them to appreciate that assistance even more, one teacher decided to give the students a special assignment.
Give back to the community that gives to you. Thats what I wanted them to learn, said Cathy Wetter, who teaches health at the school.
She wanted to do a humanitarian project for Christmas, so she got the students to start a penny drive. The students hung signs all over the school to promote their cause. Then, they rang bells and started collecting in ice cream buckets as students got off the buses in the morning. It wasnt long before the students started asking if they could take in larger donations than just pennies. The ice cream buckets soon had to be enlarged to water cooler jugs.
Altogether, the students raised $387. The school rounded that amount up to make the check for the Salvation Army $400.
Wetter presented the check to Salvation Army Capt. Michael Rodgers at the school Thursday afternoon.
Wetter and teacher Tracy Cornett took the students collection to the State Employees Credit Union Wednesday afternoon to filter the coins through the machine that counts coins.
They had to stop half way through because the machine filled up, Wetter said.
Student Eduardo Luna said he enjoyed the process of raising money for charity very much. He gave $4 of his own money to the project.
It makes me feel good to help those people who are in need, Luna said.
Student Hailey Keck said she also enjoyed the experience.
I feel very grateful we raised so much money. I think its fantastic that a lot of people donated money.
Wetter is proud of her students.
I think it was very successful, more than we thought it would be, she said.
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