City budget with no tax, utility hikes is welcome

First Posted: 4/25/2009

Although the Mount Airy budget proposal for 2009-2010 has yet to be presented to the public, word from the citys finance committee is good news for city residents no tax or utility rate hikes.
Of course, this is a process, and the budget is subject to change, but city commissioners Dean Brown and Jon Cawley, both members of the finance committee, each said last week they do not anticipate any such rate increases.
For city residents who have been hammered by consecutive annual water and sewer hikes to the tune of 45 percent and then 7 percent, that is great news.
However, City Manager Don Brookshire sounded one word of warning all is subject to change based upon what the General Assembly is doing. Quite frankly, the folks in Raleigh seem to have done what physicists the world over have never managed they have created a black hole, one that seems to suck in money without giving off much in the way of service.
We commend the members of the Board of Commissioners who have worked on the finance committee and have formulated a budget, in these tough economic times, which holds the line on taxes and utility rates. We call upon the rest of the commissioners to go along with that budget, and we hope Raleigh doesnt find some other way to take money away from the city which could necessitate a change in budgetary plans here.

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