Thumbs Up

First Posted: 10/23/2009

To mayoral candidates Deborah Cochran and Teresa Lewis for appearing jointly at Millennium Charter Academy and taking questions from middle schoolers there.
Both of these ladies have jobs and personal commitments and, of course, a hectic campaign schedule to oversee, and it would have been easy to have declined requests by Millennium officials to make the appearance.
But both candidates did, and hopefully fueled interest in local government among these young people. If they did, then both of these women have made a positive contribution to the community through their campaign, regardless of the elections outcome.
To Denise Watson, a local soccer mom. At a recent game she noticed several players sitting on the sideline, in their uniforms and little else, hugging themselves against the cold wind.
Upon noticing this, Watson went around the crowd, collecting blankets for the kids so they could keep warm during the game. The children werent hers, so she really was not responsible for them, but she saw someone in need and acted. Watson demonstrated what many know people in Mount Airy and Surry County are some of the most caring folks youll find anywhere.
To Surry County Commissioner Jimmy Miller, who was recently recognized by the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners for 20 years of service on the Surry County board.
Being an elected public servant is far from easy. A commissioner is often criticized regardless of which side he comes down for in a given vote, his motives are many times questioned even if his intentions are good, and the pay is so low it wouldnt even match the federal minimum wage if the job was an hourly position.
Yet for two decades Miller has continued on the board, and that shows an emphasis on the word service in his work.

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