Wayne Farms honored for litter cleanups

First Posted: 1/24/2009

DOBSON Members of the Surry County Appearance Commission have honored Wayne Farms of Dobson with an award for their participation in litter cleanups along U.S. 601 and Atkins Street.
Juanita Daber, chairman of the commission, said the appearance commission is pleased that Wayne Farms has adopted two miles of U.S. 601 including the intersection of 601 and Atkins Street for quarterly cleanups.
This area is one of the most heavily traveled sections near Dobson but was one of the worst eyesores before it was adopted by Wayne Farms. The improvements have been outstanding, she said.
During the award presentation, Cindy Puckett, vice president of the commission, told the group, On behalf of the Surry County Appearance Commission, it is indeed a pleasure to present this Surry County Community Appearance Award to Wayne Farms.
We commend Paul Nordin, Wayne Farms manager, for promoting this important community service. Each quarter, 15 or more Wayne Farms employees volunteer to do the highway cleanup. Their involvement speaks well for their interest in community affairs, helping promote community pride and improvement of the appearance of Surry County.
Puckett went on to say, The members of the appearance commission sincerely congratulate you and your employees for being good citizens of Surry county. We thank you for your genuine efforts and for setting a good example for others to follow. Keep up the good work!

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