Central freshmen get to run through schedule early

First Posted: 8/22/2009

DOBSON Surry Central High Schools incoming freshmen had the chance to experience what a day of school will be like on Friday.
Albeit that day of school only lasted about one hour, it gave the students a chance to visit their classrooms in order and meet the teachers they will be with for the next semester.
With this, they dont feel the pressure, said Lori Farrington, a teacher at the school. They are free to wander around and find their own way without the upperclassmen being here.
As students entered the building with their parents, they were given a map of the school and pointed in the right direction to find their homeroom and get a copy of their schedule. After that, a bell rang every 10 minutes or so, indicating that they should continue to their first, second, third and fourth period classrooms, respectively.
Teachers often stood at their doors throughout the night, offering to point people in the right direction for their next class. In the rooms, students and parents got a brief rundown of what to expect from each class during the semester.
While going to high school can be nerve-wracking for freshmen worried about getting lost, most seem excited about the prospect of new opportunities and more freedom.
Im kind of excited, said Ranferi Ramirez, who is already playing soccer for the school. Im nervous about meeting new people.
Im excited about sports and meeting new people, said Damon Atkins. It seems more fun than middle school. Im a little bit nervous, but everybody else has survived so far.
At the end of the hour, the students were given a Surry Central Golden Eagles shirt which gets them in to school sporting events for free. The shirt came handy Friday night as it was the schools first home football game of the season.
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