Sweet Romeena returns to Mayberry Days

First Posted: 9/22/2009

Jackie Joseph, who played Sweet Romeena and who was known as Ernest T. Bass love interest on The Andy Griffith Show, is looking forward to once again attending this years Mayberry Days.
Ive been excited for about a year now. I knew the museum was going to open, so that makes it extra special, Joseph said in a phone interview Monday.
Joseph received a special present from her husband for her birthday last November. It was a DVD of her acting career. She has donated two of them to the Surry Arts Council. One will be auctioned off during Mayberry Days, and the other will be shown during Mayberry Days.
Its about a half hour of what I have been doing over the many years of my career. People are always saying what else have you done, so this is it.
Josephs career-highlights film will be show at the Downtown Cinema starting at 3:30 p.m. on Friday. She will be available for a question-and-answer session following the 30-minute film.
Joseph has come to Mayberry Days for the past four years in a row. Before that, she came to a few Mayberry Days celebrations when the event was still in its infancy.
I just enjoy coming and seeing all of my friends. Its like being back with the gang again. Its very exciting to be with all the happy smiling people again, Joseph said.
She said David Browning, the Barney Fife tribute artist, has some ideas for skits he wants to do with her during Mayberry Days.
Joseph will be accompanied by her husband, David Lawrence, who is also a lover of all things Mayberry.
Its a combination of Mount Airy and then who attends. Its like a great big biscuit bowl and out comes the most delicious time youve ever had, Joseph said.
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