Food pantry receives huge donation

First Posted: 2/25/2009

DOBSONAs the economy struggles some groups are stepping in to offer a extra hand of help to those in need.
Wednesday, local Walmart representatives delivered a $2,000 check to Foothills Food Pantry in Dobson to help it stock up more food.
Last month, the food pantry distributed 30,655 pounds of food to 267 families, which means they fed 800 mouths.
Of that 800, 30 percent were children under the age of 18 and 25 percent were senior adults living on a truly fixed income, Beverly Jones, the coordinator of the food pantry, said.
Its a gigantic check and we can do wonders with it, Jones said.
The check was from Snyders of Hanover Inc., which gave district Walmarts each $1,000 to redistribute in the community.
Both the Walmart in Elkin and Mount Airy decided to join efforts and donate the money to the Foothills Food Pantry, said Gary Steel, the store manager of the Elkin Walmart.
People need to eat first in this economy, he said.
Wayne Mosley, the store manager for the Mount Airy Walmart, agreed.
We felt it was the right thing to do at this time with the economy, he said.
Beverly Jones, the coordinator for the food pantry, said that the money will be used to help fill holes in the pantry like purchasing grits and more vegetables.
She said while the pantry has not seen an increase in the numbers of families being helped there is still a need to feed that never ceases.
It comes in quick, but it goes out quick, she said of the food on the shelves.
Jones said that the pantry is serving a little less than 300 people a month, which is an average amount for this time of year. That number is actually a little lower than those from a year ago.
Last summer when gas was up to $4, we were serving up to 400 families a month, she said. This is year is a little different, were just under 300 families a month now. Im not sure what it is, perhaps people have their tax refunds or have left over money from Christmas that is enabling them to spend money on food.
She said while its important that people donate cash and food to support the non-profit organizations efforts, she added its also important that people are aware of its services and spread the word about them.
We are a Christian faith-based organization. Its what Jesus did, he took care of peoples physical needs and than he met their spiritual needs, she said. Its unbelievable how were supported in the community. Donations are really good, but I want people to know that were here to help. If you know your neighbor is food insecure, pass our address on, make a way for people to know about us, were here to help.
She also said that the volunteers and staff at the food pantry take great pride in being able to help out individuals and families in need.
We treat each person with dignity, compassion and great respect. We dont want people to feel ashamed or embarrassed. There is only a desk and few pieces of green paper that separates us, the roles could easily be reversed, she said. Were well supported by the community and we are good stewards of that trust.
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