Surry County School System board member named All State board member

First Posted: 11/23/2009

DOBSON During the 2009 North Carolina School Boards Association annual conference awards program in Greensboro, Brian Gates was named an All State School board member.
Gates has been a member of the Surry County Board of Education since 2002.
Each of the states 115 school boards in North Carolina has an opportunity every year to nominate a member for the NCSBAs prestigious Raleigh Dingman Award. The award is presented annually to a school board member in the state for outstanding leadership and educational service. From the nominations, the All State School Board, comprised of eight board members from throughout the state, is selected. All were chosen for the significant contributions to boardsmanship during their tenures.
The Surry County Schools Board of Education nominated Gates for the distinguished award. His support of, and contributions to the students and staff in Surry County, have been numerous and valuable during his seven year tenure as a board member. Gates possesses a persistent belief that the educational community must be focused and involved in order to accomplish rigorous goals.
Gates is involved in many venues for which he constantly works to improve opportunities for students. He is a local Board of Education member who:
Served as board vice chairman two consecutive years throughout his seven year tenure.
Serves as chairperson of the school systems personnel committee influencing policy and procedural revisions.
Maintains NCSBAs high expectations of ongoing board training; more than 188 hours of documented training, and is earning a Certificate of Achievement.
Remains involved in building projects at all schools throughout the district; active in all aspects of the planning and building phases.
Influences the implementation of such change agents as the implementation of Professional Learning Communities, implementation of foreign language instruction in grades three through eight, and initiating the 1:1 laptop district initiative.
Working to form an educational foundation to benefit initiatives for students in the Surry County School District.
Remains involved in all NCSBA district, state and national events, in addition to serving his local school district.
Serves as a leader in local events such as the Teacher of the Year selection committee.
Giving a community face to the Board of Education, Gates is frequently visible to students and staff in Surry County. He represents his peers at DARE graduations, recognition ceremonies and during day-to-day school activities. He believes that in order to raise student achievement, everyones involvement is needed.
Gates is a proactive and visionary leader for the Surry County Schools. As a school board member, he seeks to understand policies, handbooks and all other resources forwarded to him and gives credit to those charged with assisting with projects. He is dedicated to providing a learning environment that will ensure the success of all children.
Gates is a positive, progressive school board member, one of the highest integrity who is committed to excellence. His leadership style is based on his vision and dreaming of what can be for almost 9,000 students in the Surry County School System. His work is leading students in Surry County Schools to become productive workers, responsible citizens, and life-long learners for success in the 21st Century.
Mr. Gates tenure as a board member has brought about classroom insight and great vision to our school, said Dr. Ashley Hinson, superintendent. He is a true friend to public education and all stakeholders benefit from his leadership in Surry County.
Present at the awards ceremony were members of the Surry County Board of Education, Earlie Coe, Sue Stone and Michele Hunter, as well as Hinson.

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