New heater provides warmth, needed safety for area woman

First Posted: 1/20/2009

When Anita Andersons furnace went out last week, she had to rely on her oven to provide heat to her home for more than two days.
The furnace repair shop said it could fix it but it would take several days because it had to order parts for it. During that time, she was directed to a number of organizations for help. However, none of them had the means to help her at the time.
Andersons daughter is a truck driver and had been called away to make a delivery. She was worried about her mother who is disabled and is on oxygen.
Finally, on Saturday night, help arrived in the form of a community member with a new heater and an extension cord.
I just burst out crying I was so thankful, she said of the unexpected help. I was going on the third day heating with the oven. I know thats not safe.
The helping hand set up the heater and programmed it to continue running so Anderson would not have to worry about it turning off in the middle of the night. When help arrived, it was 53 degrees inside the house.
This little thing is keeping the house warm, she said. My daughter was frantic.
The heater seemed to have arrived just in time. When Anderson moved heater to the other side of the house to provide some warmth for her ferrets, she plugged it into the grid that also powered the oven. Within minutes, the circuit blew and everything on that side of the house went out.
I knew those women had saved my life, she said.
Anderson is no stranger to the dangers of fire. A few years ago, her house in Flat Rock caught on fire three different times and this last outage had her nervous.
It means a lot to me that these people know Im grateful, she said of the deliverers of the heater.
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