Letter to the Editor

First Posted: 2/23/2009

To the Editor,

This is open letter to the great bunch of workers at Pike Electric Company. I live in Madisonville, Ky., which is in the far western part of the state. Our area was hit hard by an ice-storm of unprecedented magnitude on Jan. 27.
The electric cooperative (here) was, of course, overwhelmed and unfortunately not prepared for the devastation. My wife and I saw the big utility trucks in our area just today and as we passed by the workers we did so slowly as to insure they saw our thumbs-up gestures. Just our little way of saying, Thank You, for a job well done!
Even as of this writing, I noticed a large group of Pike Trucks at a local restaurant here and I hoped they were getting back out in the low 30s weather today as they continue in the restoration process.
God Bless you each and every one!
Jerry and Norma Frazier
Madisonville, Ky.

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