Whatever happened to Yogi anyways?

First Posted: 11/23/2009

Christmas is here.
Never mind that it is only the 24th of November, a full month until Christmas Eve. Never mind that there is another holiday scheduled between now and then. Never mind that we have not even had Black Friday yet. No. None of that matters.
I heard the first Christmas songs on the radio on Halloween. The first Christmas commercials began airing around late September. An now, ABC Family has finally done it. They have pushed the envelope just a bit too far in my opinion.
Several years ago, the television network began hosting the 25 days of Christmas. Hey, you may be thinking to yourself, isnt it usually the 12 days of Christmas? Well, you happen to be right. That is how the song goes. However, 12 days is clearly not enough. It has to be 25 days. So from Dec. 1 through the 25th, the station inundates its audience with Christmas specials each and every night. From the older clay-mation cartoons featuring Rudolphs trip to the Land of Misfit Toys to the more modern hits like Tim Allens The Santa Clause to original movies made specifically for the station, it has it all.
Clearly there are not enough movies and cartoons about the holiday season to last such a long time, so they throw in a few generic family films such as ones from the Harry Potter series just to fill out the schedule.
So now, as if that were not enough, the station has expanded its line-up to include the countdown to the 25 days of Christmas. For the past several days, the station has been playing Christmas movies and its not even Thanksgiving. That is taking it just a bit too far.
However, ABC Family is not the only party at fault. Searching through the guide for something decent to watch near the end of last week what did I stumble across on TBS? I will tell you what. It was How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
I love that move as much as the next person, maybe even a little bit more. But that does not mean I want to watch it in mid-November. Seeing these classics played over and over again seems to ruin some of the magic of the season. I much prefer the days of my childhood when holiday specials were only played during the holidays and only once.
I remember anxiously awaiting Christmas so that we could go to the local video store and rent Prancer. I remember actually looking at the TV Guides that came in each weeks paper to see when the likes of Home Alone and A Christmas Story would be on television.
I remember the family sitting around to watch Charlie Brown pick out the scrawniest tree in the lot and the characters of Jellystone Park helping Yogi celebrate his first Christmas, after all, bears usually sleep through the season. And then there is the Grinch. What better film to put you in the holiday spirit than one that involves Whos, a lime-green villain and a dog-turned-reindeer? One of these days I am determined to have Who pudding and roast beast, though I have no idea how to go about creating those dishes.
But it was the knowledge that you could only see them once, usually during the week or so leading up to Christmas and on Christmas Day that made them so special. It was the anticipation that made them great. And now, with cable and the desire to milk the season for all its worth and then some, that anticipation has gone missing. I dont think Yogis First Christmas even comes on anymore.
Each year, new Christmas movies premiere and while some, such as this years A Christmas Carol, are clearly intended to last throughout the years and were designed for a big theatrical release, others it seems are created just to market the station a little bit more.
So while I love Christmas movies and cartoons as much as the next person, I think I will be waiting a few weeks before completely losing myself in the holiday. How about you?
Morgan Wall is a staff reporter for The Mount Airy News. She can be reached at [email protected] or 719-1929.

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