HOG Rally fund-raiser to aid animals

First Posted: 8/15/2009

Its only logical that an event billed as a HOG rally would somehow benefit animals, and thats the goal behind a first-ever fund-raiser scheduled this week.
Surry Animal Rescue will sponsor a photography pavilion at Veterans Memorial Park during the North Carolina State Harley Owners Group (HOG) Rally, to be held in Mount Airy on Wednesday through Saturday.
Professional photographers from this area will capture rally poses of bikers and their rides, with a portion of the proceeds to benefit animals in need across the county, said Melanie Jones, a Surry Animal Rescue member who has helped organize the event.
Were always trying to think of ways to raise money for Surry Animal Rescue and when we heard about the HOG rally coming to town, we thought it was an excellent opportunity to just do something different, Jones said Friday. Adding that the event has been in the planning stages since May, she said the presence of extremely talented photographers in the area is helping to make it possible.
The photo pavilion will operate in the vending area of Veterans Memorial Park the site of the rally on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. In addition to the Harley-Davidson riders who will be there, the photography sessions are open to the public, Jones said. Those wishing to have their pictures made can visit the site during one of the three days.
Each photographer is designing their own backgrounds for the pictures, Jones said. Those scheduled to participate are Ann Katherine Welch, Amber Wilson, Michelle Frye, Tonya Senter and Velvet Leonard.
Surry Animal Rescue volunteers will man the pavilion from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. during the three days of the fund-raiser.
The non-profit organization, founded in 2000 by Linda Mooney, rescues homeless, abandoned, abused and injured animals, and works with local veterinarians to ensure necessary medical and preventative care is administered.
Volunteers with the group also provide foster care for animals while permanent homes are sought. Surry Animal Rescue further supports spaying and neutering programs to control the population of unwanted and homeless pets.
Unfortunately, a lot of animals are injured and need medical attention, Jones said of one activity that next weeks event will help fund. Others include vaccinations and services to get the health of rescued animals evaluated and back on track.
The group aids hundreds of animals each year, according to Mooney.
In addition to Surry Animal Rescue volunteers whove organized the fund-raiser, Jones said it has been aided by local businesses that have donated items for the event. Included are Food Lion, Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon, Lowes Foods, Neighbors Food Stores and Sagebrush.
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