Winning is everything…if you’re a loser

First Posted: 12/13/2009

When Wallace-Rose Hills Omar Carr plunged over the goal line in overtime, the feeling which surrounded the field was one of disbelief.
It was hard for me to believe it, considering since I became a sports writer at the Mount Airy News I have never had to cover a Mount Airy Granite Bears loss. That being said, its hard to imagine what the team was feeling.
No one really knew how to react.
But, in those situations, react we must, and, despite those fairly new emotions, the members of the Granite Bears handled things the same way they handled winning the title a year ago Sunday. With class.
There were tears, there was anger, but more than all of that, there was a sense of respect for themselves and the opposition. Just the way sports are supposed to be.
Now I know some people have already written about this subject, and I know some people in the community dont care, so this isnt for you.
It may be hard now to understand, but winning isnt everything.
In sports it sometimes becomes the main thing, but as young men, the maturity gained by coming together with a group of your peers and persevering after a common goal is much more valuable than a ring on a finger.
Is it nice to win? Oh yeah. Just ask last seasons Granite Bears, then ask those who have never had the chance.
Is it everything? Absolutely not.
Is it hard to lose? Oh yeah. Just ask those who experience it more often than not. Think if you never had seen a playoff game, or never got a chance to play on a college field in front of a huge crowd all hoping for your success.
Would you be better or worse for it?
So consider yourselves, not lucky, but privileged. Privileged to have the opportunity to come together with your brothers (as Luke Wheeler called the team after Saturdays game) and experience success and also defeat.
Because if winning builds character, so does losing.
Some guys will tell you, Only losers say winning isnt everything.
On the contrary, I say those people are losers.
They have no sense of self and no sense of pride in who they are, regardless of record.
How do you think upsets take place? How do you think a No. 16-seed can beat a No. 1 seed?
Belief in yourself and those around you, thats how.
And thats one thing that all team sports teach us, the idea of personal responsibility to the greater whole. And that is fulfilling in itself.
Success through that is just an added bonus and championships are like the cherry on top.
So for all of those teams out there who might lose more than they win and those who lose what they think they can win and for those who just win, youre all lucky to have each other and to have that common goal.
Without it, you wouldnt be who you are. Winners.

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