MCA has assembly to honor veterans

First Posted: 11/9/2009

Millennium Charter Academy helped to kick off the Veterans Day holiday on Monday with an assembly sponsored by the Presidential Leadership Council.
As students entered the schools gymnasium, they were able to see slides depicting memorials in Washington, D.C., dedicated to the service men and women of the country.
The assembly included a moment of silence to remember those who have served this country and the singing of God Bless the USA by the third graders and Shes a Grand Ole Flag by the advanced music class.
Several middle school students spoke at the assembly about veterans and the sacrifices they have made. Dylan Andes read a poem he wrote entitled Spilled Blood of Brothers, while Wesley Lima, Brianna Coad and Marissa Petri read essays they composed about veterans. The themes for the essays revolved around honoring veterans not only on holidays such as Veterans Day or Memorial Day, but every day. They spoke of the sacrifices made by the men and women in the service and ways they can be honored.
Jack Leach, with VFW Post 2019 of Mount Airy, and Danny Hilton, with VFW Post 9436 of Pilot Mountain, attended the event along with many other veterans from the community. They were all recognized by the students during the program for their service.
Leach is a survivor of Pearl Harbor and just celebrated his 90th birthday. He spoke to the students about getting to visit the World War II memorial with the first Triad Flight of Honor and how much that experience meant to him. He expressed his wish that one day all of the students would also have the opportunity to see the memorial for themselves.
Hilton spoke to the students about their duty to their country.
You are our future, he said. Theres something called the torch of freedom. When we go off to war and serve our country, we pick up that torch. The day is going to come when the torch is going to be passed from our generation to your generation.
He expressed his hope that the students will pick up that torch when the time comes.
Rob Halpern, a teacher at the school, spoke to the students about the importance of the Triad Flight of Honor, of which he is an integral part. He talked to the students about the organizations desire to take every World War II veteran to see the memorial and eventually to take the Korean War and Vietnam War veterans to see their memorials.
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