Reeves provides alternatives to rain

First Posted: 5/28/2009

The good thing about nature, especially in Surry County, is the abundance of physical activities it presents. The bad thing is, well, sometimes nature can be downright troublesome.
All week long, crummy weather has forced exercise enthusiasts indoors and many of which found shelter inside Reeves Community Center. The sentiment among many was the local center is the place to be when the weather will not cooperate. Reeves Community Center Executive Director Catrina Alexander said there is a boost in population on rainy days, especially the last few.
Mount Airy resident Marie Hawks, 47, went to Reeves Thursday afternoon to use the TreadClimber. She said on a nicer day she would go for a walk, but the gym is a great substitute, adding she splits her routines between outside and the gym.
I just like the fresh air, she said. This is a great alternative when you cant be outside.
Hawks said she gets a better workout in the gym because the machines help her keep a consistent pace. On-board monitors also let her know how many calories she burns and what her heart rate is.
The gym was also packed with Mount Airy students as they rode the storm out. Many of these students have been attending Reeves for as long as they can remember, starting with the day care program.
Granite Bears sophomores Jordan Schwartz, Mauricio Hernandez and Casey Weddle could be found Thursday on a side hoop of the crowded basketball court. On a better day, Weddle said he would be out fishing. Schwartz and Hernandez, however, said they spend most of their evenings at Reeves regardless of the weather. They said they usually spend about three and a half hours either lifting weights, playing basketball or both. On Wednesdays during pick-up basketball night, they stay from 3 p.m. until the gym closes at 9.
I just like to come down and run and have fun with all my friends, Schwartz said.
Hernandez and Schwartz were both members of the Mount Airy football team that won the NCHSAA 1A state title last fall. They both agreed that attending Reeves keeps them in shape for football. Yesterday was a great example, as the high school weight room was in use, so they had to get their workout in at Reeves. Running in the wet conditions outside was not an option, they said.
The trio of Weddle, Schwartz and Hernandez has called Reeves a second home for years. All three said they began with the day care program and have been members ever since.
Megan Bowman is a lifer as both a runner and Reeves member. The Mount Airy senior ran cross country and played soccer this past school year. When she has some down time, she usually goes for a run outdoors.
Im not one to stay in the gym, she said. Im an out-body.
The main difference between running outside and on the treadmill is the lack of actual movement the treadmill offers. Runners are left in one place watching Oprah or whatever else afternoon television has to offer. A digital music device is also helpful. Unfortunately for Bowman, she left her iPod at home yesterday.
If you forget your iPod, youre done, she joked.

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