Habitat director suffers heart attack

First Posted: 7/28/2009

The executive director of the Greater Mount Airy Habitat for Humanity was rushed by AirCare to Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center early Tuesday after collapsing inside the Habitat ReStore on West Pine Street.
According to Surry County Emergency Services Director John Shelton, Tim VanHoy, 42, was found in critical condition after he collapsed in the store. Paramedics arrived on the scene at about 11:30 a.m.
According to his family, VanHoy suffered a heart attack.
Sherry Russo, an employee with Habitat for Humanity, said she was present at the time VanHoy collapsed. She said VanHoy was in the office with other employees when he suddenly gasped for breath and collapsed to the floor.
She said someone began to do chest compressions on him until paramedics arrived.
We did all we could without equipment until the paramedics got there, she said.
The store did close for the remainder of the day, and Russo said staff planned to reopen it today for regular hours.
We definitely need prayer, prayers are needed for Mr. Tim and his family, she said. Were going to try and do as much as we can to carry on (at Habitat).
As of Tuesday afternoon, officials with WFUBMC said VanHoy was admitted into the Cardiac Unit.
Hes doing a lot better, but hes not out of the woods yet. Theyre trying to keep his body from having further damage, said his brother, Barry VanHoy, Tuesday night from the hospital waiting room. Hes on a ventilator, but doctors say hes trying to breathe over it, which is a good thing. We still dont know much.
On VanHoys Facebook profile, there was an outpour of support from the community starting shortly after lunchtime. Within four hours, more than 30 messages had been placed on his page wishing his family well and offering prayer and support.
VanHoys brother said hes aware of the communitys concern and is thankful for its support.
I know theres a lot of people out there praying for him, Barry VanHoy said. Hes done a lot of important things in the community.
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