Remembering a hero

First Posted: 7/16/2009

Saturday, a national hero will be remembered in Elkin, as the funeral service for Capt. Mark Garner will be conducted at First Baptist Church there.
Garner was killed while serving his nation in Afghanistan.
This is the fourth time in recent years a native son of this area has been killed in combat either in Iraq or Afghanistan. The same words we use to show honor and respect to the others is true of Garner he is a hero, a faithful servant to his nation, an example to everyone of what it sometimes means to give ones all to safeguard our nation.
While those words are accurate, they also seem lacking, somehow, in communicating the depth of what we, as a society, should feel for Garner and his family. His loss will stand with them for their rest of their lives. We only hope the rest of us his friends, associates, his hometown will always remember and honor his service.
We offer our thanks to Capt. Garner, and our heartfelt condolences to his family.

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