SAC awards $6,275 for art scholarships

First Posted: 6/4/2009

After a record five hour audition and deliberation, the Surry Arts Council awarded more than 25 students $6,275 in scholarships, which is the highest amount of funds ever awarded, said the arts council executive director.
The scholarships, which were given out last month, went to area students pursing degrees in the arts. Students were required to perform their talent in front of the scholarship committee. The talents of the students ranged from pianists, vocalists, visual artists, product designers and instrumentalists among others.
It was the best showing that weve ever had, there were a lot of talented people, said Henry Rowe, who serves on the board of directors for the art council and heads the scholarship committee.
We (were) looking for whether or not they have a future in what theyre talent is, their high school/college transcript…(and) how well theyve been performing in their area of study, he said about the decision process.
The scholarships were provided with the help of the Gilmer-Smith Foundation. Other awards were made possible by the Sandy Beam Scholarship Endowment, the Hal Brownfield Endowment, the Jimmy Lowry Scholarship Fund, and the Mildred Wolfe Robertson Scholarship Endowment.
Its the most amount of money given out, said Tanya Jones, the executive director of the arts council.
She said additional scholarships for Surry Arts Council arts programs are available from the Kester Sink Endowment and the PM Sharpe Scholarship Fund .
This years scholarship recipients are as follows:
Gertrude Smith Scholars: Emma Dhesi, Savannah Mumford, Anthony Vrsecky III, Melissa Lawrence, Brittany McCollum, and Brandon Cochran.
Wilma Swanson Memorial Scholarships: Emily Parker, Caroline Rice, Wes Burkhart, Ross Burgess, Sarah Hegler, Nathan Swann, Emma Dhesi, Dominic Neumark, Brian Rector, and Shonie Kuykendall.
Sandy Beam Scholarship: Melissa Lawrence and Brittany McCollum. Mildred Robertson Scholarship: Brian Rector and Brandon Cochran.
Hal Brownfield Product Design Scholarship: Anthony Vrsecky III.
Jimmy Lowry Scholarship: Zachary Barth. The P.M. Sharpe Scholarship and the Kester Sink Endowment Scholarships were awarded to participants in Arts Alive, Missoula Childrens Theatre and other Surry Arts Council year round programs. Those students include Jasmine Hagwood, Robert Park, Haley Keck, and Shawquan Stanley.
For more information about scholarship assistance for Arts Alive, Missoula Childrens Theatre, and other upcoming Surry Arts Council programs, call the arts council at 786-7998.
Contact Erin C. Perkins at [email protected] or 719-1952.

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