Candidate slate looking slim

First Posted: 7/15/2009

The field of candidates for the Mount Airy mayors seat, being vacated by Jack Loftis, is growing, with three people having filed papers to seek the post in fall elections.
In Dobson, incumbent Ricky Draughn has filed to retain his office, and Kenneth Earnest has filed to seek that same seat.
Many challenges, and opportunities, face Mount Airy, Dobson and Pilot Mountain in the coming years. The three localities need solid, strong leadership committed to doing what is in the best interest of the residents within each municipality.
Oftentimes, people show up at public hearings, or during budget deliberations, to complain about the commissioners, or to question what they are doing and why. This is a good thing, and makes local government stronger.
At the same time, it is a little perplexing that with so many people questioning government so few are stepping up when they have a chance to do something positive.
Three people running for mayor in Mount Airy is probably a pretty good-sized field, but by no means is it overwhelming. Only two have filed for the mayoral race in Dobson.
In Mount Airy only one candidate is seeking the board seat being vacated by David Beal, and both Pilot Mountain and Dobson have races that are shaping up to be uncontested.
We dont advocate everyone filing to run. It takes a special kind of person to hold an elected office of this nature someone who can put in long hours, handle calls and visits from members of the public, take criticism, all the while staying the course and doing what he or she feels is right.
But, surely, there are more people in these communities who have something to add, some sense of community service that goes beyond standing on the sideline questioning whats done while not actively doing something themselves.
We hope more folks file to run for these offices before the filing period ends on Friday. Not because were taking issue with anyone who is in office now, but simply because spirited, diverse elections are good, and offer voters true choices.

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