Nutrition month highlights healthy eating

First Posted: 3/15/2009

Surry County Health & Nutrition Center

New information about food and diet appears every day, and trying to sift through all of the craziness to determine what is true and what is fiction can drive a person insane.
During National Nutrition Month, the American Dietetic Association urges us to look beyond the myths of nutrition and focus on the facts.
Figuring out the most healthful eating plan can be a chore, but doing your homework can pay dividends for finding what is best for you. Its important to focus on information that is based on scientific research.
Sifting through complex food and nutrition research can be complicated. A registered dietitian can translate the science and tailor it into advice that fits your personal needs.
People often hear about new research but they dont get the whole story. Even if a weight-loss strategy has been proven effective in a research study, its still important that you investigate before adopting it into your diet.
A registered dietitian can determine whether the research was done using standard scientific methods and can look into the issue further to find related and maybe contradictory research.
Healthful eating is not the same for everyone. Certain nutritional changes can be helpful for some people, and the same change can be harmful for others depending upon their overall health needs.
Eating well can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. Eating well means eating a variety of healthy foods in the right amounts so your body gets the nutrients needed to maintain good health and work properly.
The following are tips on how to practice good nutrition this month and every month:
Eat smaller meals including a vegetable as the center of the plate, with smaller meat and starch servings. Include at least one serving of fruit and vegetable with every meal.
Drink more water between meals; try veggies or a handful of nuts for a snack and fresh fruit for something sweet.
Reduce your intake of deep fried foods and cancer-causing trans fats found in processed foods and baked goods.
Read food labels and reduce the amount of added sugar, corn syrup and salt in the diet. Use fresh herbs and spices to season food instead.
Make healthy eating a lifestyle change, along with getting in more exercise and getting enough rest. Your body will thank you for it.

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