Letter to the Editor

First Posted: 3/7/2009

To the Editor,

A former president has been quoted as saying, I think books are really great, what makes them so great is that sometimes they have some really fantastic pictures.
A picture is worth a thousand words and Surry county is just about picture perfect with its natural resources.
In order to keep it that way Surry co. planning board members, in 2005 formed a committee of its members including Buck Buckner, Wayne Drauge, Don Isaacs and Curtis Taylor to work with the planning staff and the citizens of Surry Co. to update the Surry Co. land use plan.
Their work is truly a work of art and paints a beautiful vision for future economic growth in Surry co. while protecting our extremely valuable natural resources like the Yadkin river.
They had six meetings with the public concerning this plan and the picture that they and the public worked hard to paint does not include a waste incinerator/power plant, a junk yard or a prison along our beautiful Yadkin river, yet the Surry Co.planning staff and county commissioners appear
to be in favor of rezoning a large parcel of land on the riverbank near Elkin from agriculture to MI manufacturing industrial which would allow all of these uses.
This is in direct violation of many of the statements included in the land use plan of 2015 and the future Surry Co. land use maps which designates this property to be kept as a rural area.
Please attend the planning board meeting March 9th and voice your concerns.

Barry Carlton

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