A slip-sliding good time

First Posted: 8/13/2009

All summer, kids from around the area have been heading to Reeves Community Center for summer camp.
The group had an end of summer celebration on Thursday complete with a hot dog lunch and a go on an inflatable water slide at Westwood Park. The slide was set up on the baseball field at the park and the children had fun racing each other down the two lanes of the slide. Some were even brave enough to take on one of the camp counselors.
While the program runs for another week, some of the participants will not be there because of school starting, so organizers wanted everyone to be able to attend the finale.
Throughout the summer participants have been able to take part in a number of activities from going to the skating rink and bowling to going to the movies and swimming. They also took trips to the park and went to the Mount Airy Public Library every Monday.
During the time they spent at Reeves, they were able to swim in the pool, play games in the gym and play in the Fit and Fun room.
A lot of people like going to Fit and Fun, said Jacob Mchone of the room that has a Wii, Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution and racing games where players have to pedal to keep their cars going. You have to pedal to make them go so youre exercising while youre playing.
Next week the group will be going to Mayberry Shazzam in Pilot Mountain and many of the kids are looking forward to the trip.
Mchone, Casey Presley, Wesley Nichols and Andrew Isom have all been before and cannot wait to return, believing that will be their favorite event of the summer.
For Morgan Adams and Hanne Cooke, the water slide and cookout are the highlights of the summer.
This is my favorite, said Cooke, who has been to the camp for two years now.
The camp not only provides an opportunity for kids to have fun during the summer, but also opens up the opportunity for them to make some new friends in the process.
Its awesome, said Adams. Everyone should come.
Its a great place to make friends and have fun. There are so many things to do you cant name them all, said Mchone, who was at the camp for the first time.
The camp is also instructional as well as fun.
You can get better at swimming, said Nichols, who is at the camp for the third summer.
If you want to get nailed by a dodgeball, you should come, added Isom.
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