Perdue was right to release lottery funds

First Posted: 8/30/2009

The release Friday of state lottery funds, which were meant for specific use for school construction, by Gov. Bev Perdue is a good move.
Those funds should never have been redirected from the original intended use which North Carolina voters approved, but they were.
Perdue said she had to use them to make up for shortfalls in the budget to pay for teacher salaries and to keep other services operating.
While those things did need to be funded, we dont think the lottery money, which was approved with the understanding that it would go to a specific use, should have been the place from which to get funding.
Other budget cuts should have come first and foremost.
Nonetheless, money still remained in the coffers at the end of the fiscal year, and as she should have, Perdue has dedicated those funds back to the school systems to be used for new school construction, something that is ongoing in Surry County as it builds a new school in Elkin, two new schools in the county system and works to continue phases of the Mount Airy High School project.
Those funds will have to be approved by the county commissioners to be used for projects, but with the money now available, we hope commissioners will be willing to allow school systems to use the money as it was intended.

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