Winners from Old Fiddlers Convention announced

First Posted: 8/9/2009

GALAX, Va. Organizers with the 74th annual Old Fiddlers Convention in Galax have announced the results of this years competitions.
The Best All-Around Performer this year is Eric Harden of Warrensville, N.C.
Youth competitions were held in old-time fiddle, bluegrass fiddle, mandolin, clawhammer banjo, bluegrass banjo, guitar and bands. Winners are as follows.
– Old-time fiddle Timothy Hale of Galax, first place; Carson Peters of Piney Flats, Tenn., second place; Maggie Banks of Wimberley, Texas, third place; Kali Taylor of Barren Springs, fourth place; and Dave Jett of White Oak, fifth place.
– Bluegrass fiddle Samantha Snyder of Lexington, N.C., first place; Adam Larkey of Erwin, Tenn., second place; Marlon Dean of Independence, third place; Hannah Russ of Toledo, Ohio, fourth place; and Avery Davis of Radford, fifth place.
– Mandolin Sage Wright of Rocky Mount, first place; Catherine Conner of Stuart, second place; Zeb Snyder of Lexington, N.C., third place; Nichols Goad of Stuart, fourth place; and Adam McPeak of Max Meadows, fifth place.
– Clawhammer banjo Corbin Hayeslett of Amherst, first place; Ben Hill of Galax, second place; Miguel Villarruel of Glade Valley, N.C., third place; and Tyler Owen of Clovers, fourth place.
– Bluegrass banjo Brandy Miller of West Jefferson, N.C., first place; Stephanie Gibson of Galax, second place; Autumn Hill of Fancy Gap, third place; Dylan Johnson of Elkton, Md., fourth place; and Jack Circle of Independence, fifth place.
– Guitar Joseph Burcham of Galax, first place; Barack Wright of Rocky Mount, second place; Jack Dunlap of Winchester, third place; Jeffrey Roten of Ennice, N.C., fourth place; and Brennen Ernst of Lucketts, fifth place.
– Bands Mountain Thunder of Max Meadows, first place; New Time Tradition of Laurel Fork, second place; The Wright Kids of Rocky Mount, third place; Loose Strings of Galax, fourth place; and The Tennessee Three of Piney Flats, Tenn., fifth place.
Non-youth competitions took place in a number of categories as well, including old-time fiddle, dobro, mandolin, bluegrass fiddle, dulcimer, bluegrass banjo, clawhammer banjo, autoharp, guitar, folk songs, dance, old-time bands and bluegrass bands.
– Old-time fiddle Jake Crack of Orma, W.Va., first place; Richard Bowman of Ararat, Va., second place; Barbara Kuhns of Midway, Ohio, third place; Erynn Marshall of Galax, fourth place; Emily Schaad of Poughkeepsie, N.Y., fifth place; Charlie Walden of Evanston, Ill., sixth place; Erika Godfrey of Mount Airy, seventh place; Kilby Spencer of Galax, eighth place; Benton Flippen of Ararat, Va., ninth place; and Betty Vornbrock of Hillsville, 10th place.
– Dobro Eddie Marrs of Princeton, W.Va., first place; Gavin Largent of Winchester, second place; Danny Hargis of Huntersville, N.C., third place; Jacob Joines, no hometown named, fourth place; Randy Paisley of Jefferson, N.C., fifth place; Brad Harper of Statesville, N.C., sixth place; Doug Smith of Midway, Ohio, seventh place; Tony Joines, no hometown named, eighth place; Maggie Anderson of Woodlawn, ninth place; and Jimmy Kidd of Lynchburg, 10th place.
– Mandolin Ryan Blevins of Marion, first place; Brian Muller of Christiansburg, second place; Chase Johner of Chilhowie, third place; Spencer Strickland of Lambsburg, fourth place; Ben Hill of Galax, fifth place; Spencer Blankenship of Roanoke, sixth place; Eric Davis of Winston-Salem, N.C., seventh place; Brewster Hubbard of Roanoke, eighth place; Cory Piatt of Springfield, Tenn., ninth place; and Jordan Rice of Greensboro, N.C., 10th place.
– Bluegrass fiddle Bryan McDowell of Canton, N.C., first place; Dannielle Bishop of Asheville, N.C., second place; Cleb McAllister of Fincastle, third place; Tim Martin of Collinsville, fourth place; Casey Driscoll of Mount Airy, fifth place; Jessica Zelinsky of Williamsburg, sixth place; Courtney Burroughs of Stoneville, N.C., seventh place; Brandon Godman of Nashville, Tenn., eighth place; Malia Furtado of Front Royal, ninth place; and Adam Masters of Marshall, N.C., 10th place.
– Dulcimer Ashby Frank of Nashville, Tenn., first place; Dot Christenson of Lexington, Ky., second place; Sharon Boyd of Colonial Heights, third place; Don Neuhauser of Charlestown, Ind., fourth place; Frank Horn of North Tazewell, fifth place; Julie Dehart of Willis, sixth place; Tim Thorton of Shawsville, seventh place; Katie Cannaday of Calloway, eighth place; Sheri Sigmon of Rocky Mount, ninth place; and Debbie McAllister of Fincastle, 10th place.
– Bluegrass banjo Eric Harden of Warrensville, N.C., first place; Steve Lewis of Todd, N.C., second place; Andy Lowe of Winston-Salem, N.C., third place; Houston Caldwell of Galax, fourth place; Linwood Lunsford of Cascade, fifth place; Courtney Wright of Saltville, sixth place; Gina Clowes of Winchester, seventh place; Johnathan Dillon of Wirtz, eighth place; Lee Dunbar of Eagle Rock, ninth place; and Rusty Breedlove of Salem, 10th place.
– Clawhammer banjo Brien Fain of Mount Airy, first place; Marsha Todd of Mount Airy, second place; Tina Steffey of Jefferson, N.C., third place; Marianne Kovatch of Morganton, W.Va., fourth place; Robert Montgomery of Moulton, Ala., fifth place; Peco Watson of Galax, sixth place; Kelly Breiding of Mount Airy, seventh place; Trish Fore of Lowgap, eighth place; Susan Sterngold of Suffern, N.Y., ninth place; Joey Neal of Blackstock, S.C., 10th place.
– Autoharp Ronnie Burroughs of Keysville, first place; David Kilby of Peach Bottom, Pa., second place; John Hollandsworth of Christiansburg, third place; Doug Pratt of Cary, N.C., fourth place; Frederick Douglas of Pickens, S.C., fifth place; Gary Dalton of Bluefield, W.Va., sixth place; Heather Mabe of Walnut Cove, N.C., seventh place; Glenna Anderson of Christiansburg, eighth place; Barbara Durham of Lexington, Va., ninth place; and Jimmy Handy of Woolwine, 10th place.
– Guitar Seth Taylor of Bryson City, N.C., first place; Wayne Henderson of Rugby, second place; Brandon Davis of Independence, third place; Will Jones of Cana, fourth place; Buddy Dunlap of Wardensville, W.Va., fifth place; Zeb Snyder of Lexington, N.C., sixth place; Allen Shadd of Fort Mill, S.C., seventh place; Jared Hensley of Marshall, N.C., eighth place; Aaron Williams of Blacksburg, ninth place; and Paul Dulaney of Buchanan, 10th place.
– Folk song Tyler Williams of Marysville, Ohio, first place; Baruch Wright of Rocky Mount, second place; Laura Leigh Jones of Cana, third place; Leslie Dunbar of Eagle Rock, fourth place; Beth Lawrence of Nashville, Tenn., fifth place; Gailanne Amundsen of Longwood, Fla., sixth place; Elizabeth Laprelle of Rural Retreat, seventh place; Kenneth Johnson of Alpharetta, Ga., eighth place; Sarah Toler of Williamson, W.Va., ninth place; and Mickey Galyean of Mount Airy, 10th place.
– Dance Justin Jackson of Austinville, first place; Brett Morris of Elk Creek, second place; Michael Sexton of Hillsville, third place; Gary Dunn of Advance, N.C., fourth place; Kenny Monahan of Rural Retreat, fifth place; Loretta Wilson of Galax, sixth place; Cherry Quinn of Ferrum, seventh place; Kathy Delp of Galax, eighth place; John Perry of Independence, ninth place; and Stacy Boyd of Laurel Fork, 10th place.
– Old-time bands Whoppin Holler String Band of Orma, W.Va., first place; Cabin Creek Boys of Independence, second place; Slate Mountain Ramblers of Ararat, Va., third place; Virginia Creepers of Morgantown, W.Va., fourth place; The Roan Mountain Hilltoppers of Roan Mountain, Tenn., fifth place; Benton Flippen and the Smokey Valley Boys of Mount Airy, sixth place; Crooked Road Ramblers of Galax, seventh place; Zephyr Lightning Bolts of State Road, eighth place; Back Step of Mount Airy, ninth place; Dry Hill Draggers of Ferrum, 10th place; Pilot Mountain Bobcats of Westfield, 11th place; The Thumb Dingers of Blacksburg, 12th place; Grayson Highlands of Jefferson, N.C., 13th place; Cornbread and Buttermilk of Roanoke, 14th place; and Blue Ridge Mountain Ramblers of Lowgap, 15th place.
– Bluegrass bands Second Circle of Independence, first place; Mashin-Grass of Bristol, second place; Exit 109 of Hillsville, third place; Rich In Tradition of Mount Airy, fourth place; No Grass on the Playground of Roaring Gap, N.C., fifth place; Full Throttle Bluegrass of Statesville, N.C., sixth place; Fierce Twang of Winchester, seventh place; Narrow Road of Mount Airy, eighth place; The Ugly Coyote Band of Unicoi, Tenn., ninth place; The Carolina Tunetwisters of Haddock, Ga., 10th place; The Del-Tones of Roanoke, 11th place; The David Sowars Band of Dobson, 12th place; Carolina Blue of Mount Airy, 13th place; Chestnut Creek Ramblers of Galax, 14th place; and Sarah Toler and Lost Highway of Williamson, W.Va., 15th place.
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