Letter to the Editor

First Posted: 2/4/2009

To the Editor,

Who would receive the economic benefit from leasing, renting, or any method of controlling the landfill?
Those in control of operations would be the ones to benefit. Therefore, if Waste Industries is operating the landfill, they will be the ones to benefit. They are not a non-profit charitable organization. Their goal like any other company is to make money.
I received a Partners For Surry Countys Future which stated that 163,096,000 pounds of waste were disposed of at the landfill in 2008. Every tax payer pays a fee on their property tax for waste disposal as well as those who pay each time they cross the scales.
The landfill is important asset to the citizens of Surry County. It is an industry recruiting tool and should be used as such. As for meeting with citizens, Waste Industries has not met with the landowners and neighbors that have property adjoining the landfill. We have lived quietly and not been outspoken because we know that the county needs a landfill for its citizens. The view from the backside is that of a mountain of dirt. The beautiful view we once enjoyed of the mountains has been reaplaced by that of mountain of dirt.
As for the exit off of I-74, that property is privately owned and does not belong to the county or Waste Industries.
Are the citizens of Surry County really ready for another condemnation of private property just to benefit the landfill? Capturing methane is the green thing to do but without an industry to use the methane it has to be burned off. I do not know of an industry close to the landfill needing methane and I do not see anyone interested in developing an industry close by.
The citizens of Surry County paid for the landfill and pay to keep it in operation. The landfill provides jobs for local citizens and the money generated stays local. If Waste Industries controls the landfill, it will be a profitable operation, but for Waste Industries and not the citizens of Surry County.

Charles Boles
Pilot Mountain

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