Art club paints Davids House sign

First Posted: 10/7/2009

DOBSON Lisa Caudill regularly passes Davids House on her way to classes at Surry Community College from her home in Alleghany County.
Her father painted the sign several years ago when it was the Mountain View Rest Home. When the adult group home was renamed Davids House after a man who used to live there, the sign was repainted to simply display the name.
It was a big white board on both sides. Im an artist and it looked like there was a big, blank canvas staring at me, she said.
As the president of Surry Community Colleges art club, Caudill saw the sign as a perfect project to undertake. She purchased the paint for the project and with the help of Sarah Brown, vice president of the art club, Allen Sewell, member of the art club, and his mother, completed the painting job in a day.
I wouldnt have been finished the next day without them, she said. I wanted to prove to my dad that I could do it. Hes an artist, too.
Now the sign bears the name and address for the facility and a heart with hands on either side that look like wings. She took the design from some other logos she did for organizations in Sparta.
I really wanted to put some dimensions with shading, but when I put it on paper and stood back to look, it took away from Davids House. Sometimes less is more, she said.
The design took about a week to create as she got input from the owners about what they liked and did not like. Then, the night before they began painting, she took an art projector to the house to trace the design onto the sign.
I did it for the people who live at Davids House. They needed a place that felt like home, she said of doing the project.
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