Letter to the Editor

First Posted: 11/24/2009

To the Editor,

The recent Mayoral election was a cordial contest between two dedicated candidates that was beneficial for our city. Both Teresa Lewis and Deborah Cochran showed a willingness to invest the time necessary to run a campaign and to serve as mayor. I was pleased that the original field of four candidates showed enthusiasm and concern for the future of the city.
When Ms. Cochran moves to the mayors office, she will leave an open seat on the city council that will be filled by a vote of our city councilmen. I urge the board to support the appointment of Teresa Lewis to fill this slot by an open vote in open session. Teresa Lewis has a long history of service to the city of Mount Airy and has demonstrated the ability to successfully run one of the citys largest employers. She has dedicated boundless time and energy to serve numerous non-profit, charitable organizations and will be an asset to the city council and to the city of Mount Airy. Teresa Lewis status as top vote-getter in the primary election reflects wide-spread support for her and she seems to be a natural fit for the seat to be vacated by Deborah Cochran.
With best regards, I remain.

Sincerely yours,
Edwin M. Woltz
Mount Airy

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